Friday, 12 April 2019

20 Truths from ‘The Purpose Path’

“Purpose is not what we do but why we exist.”

1 – “At its very heart, vocational courage is about finding and pursuing your true purpose in life, and about making sure your life’s work is reflected in your daily work” (Page 1).

2 – “True vocational courage comes from defining what success is for us, based on our own unique purpose and core values, and then making the difficult decisions necessary to wholeheartedly pursue it” (Page 13).

3 – “So, the first step toward becoming an authentic success is making sure you have clarity regarding what success means to you and what you have to do to achieve it” (Page 14).

4 – “…success is the daily commitment to being faithful to doing what you’ve been created to do. So then success is defined by your Maker—by the Creator not by the creation” (Page 19).

5 – “The idea of knowing who you are and thus what you were designed for is inextricably linked to your relationship with the One who made you” (Page 33).

6 – “Identities will change. You will go through different stages in your life, and your identity will evolve. But who you are at core remains the same. Your why is dictated by your who, and your what is dictated by your why. All of that is rooted in a stability of identity” (Page 44).

7 – “I’ve worked with thousands of emerging and established leaders around the world, in every sector. What’s surprising to me, however, is that the vast majority of them are able to articulate their organizations’ reasons for being with far greater clarity and conviction than they can articulate their own” (page 53).

8 – “…it’s important not to entangle purpose ...

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